Patriot App

Patriot App is a perfect pocket reference containing the founding documents of our great nation. Patriot App includes the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and also other historical documents that were used as guides for our founding fathers as they composed some of the most amazing and lasting documents ever written. It includes:

Background information about each document puts everything in historical perspective. There's more! Biographical information about each of our founding fathers is included. See the text of all constitutional amendments, as well as details about unratified amendments.

Use the search capability to quickly and easily find the text you are looking for. Patriot App is easy to use, educational, and fun!

Best of all, it's free!

If you wish to contact the Patriot App team for any reason (comments, questions, feature requests, etc.), send a message via EMail .

We're very interested in your feedback! Let us know what features and documents you'd like to see in future versions of Patriot App.